Nigüelas, The Village

The village is in the aea of the Lecrín Valley, in the province of Granada. Located halfway between the capital and the coast of Granada, under the shelter of the Sierra Nevada, And just 15 minutes from the beautiful Alpujarra. Nigüelas has 1132 inhabitants according to data from SIMA in 2008, being mainly an agricultural municipality.

Its name derives from Niwalas and during Islamic domination belonged to the ‘tahá’ (shire) of Padul, constituting one of the neighbourhoods that defined the Lecrin valley and the western gate of the Sierra Nevada. After the ‘Reconquista’ (catholic conquest) it retained its unique character and the agricultural population stayed more or less the same.

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Niguelas has become a major attraction for the entire region. Many houses and even some cave houses have been renovated for rural tourism.

This area has much to offer travelers and visitors, such as; excellent hiking trails, local craft shops, tapas bars and restaurants, Arab baths, castle ruins,ancient olive oil mills and interesting churches. The locals are friendly and open, and like to see their towns attract visitors from other countries.

The Climate

Is between continental Mediterranean and tropical Mediterranean. The winters are not very cold, while summers are hot and dry. Rainfall is low and irregular.

The rivers Torrente, Dúrcal and Albuñuelas unite to form the river Ízbor. The sources provide water for the irrigation channels for the crops.