Sports to practice

Mountain Sports

Hiking, climbing, mountain biking. The Sierra Nevada National Park, where the village of Nigüelas is located offers visitors numerous opportunities in the practice of mountain sports. Nigüelas is the departing or arrival point in the famous ‘3000 Comprehensive’ a mountain route that crosses the 7 peaks over 3,000 meters, the last of which is Cerro del Caballo and at its base is a beautiful lagoon, and is the limit of our municipality.

Water Sports

You can enjoy various water sports such as scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, and fishing…


In the Sierra Nevada, next to the ski resort, there is a paragliding school, where you can take a class or just take a flight accompanied by an experienced instructor.


The paramotor is an option even closer, in Padul, a village 13 km from Nigüelas, you can hire a paramotor ride to have a birds eye view of the Lecrín Valley.


Some skiers chose Nigüelas as a base whilst exploring the slopes ofThe Sierra Nevada ski resort which is only an hour away by motorway.


Also for those who prefer road cycling, Nigüelas offers a wide layout of roads, with little traffic, beautiful routes and a choice of routes of varying difficulty.

Horseback riding

There are opportunities for horseback riding in the village.

Sports centre

If you prefer football, tennis and basketball, you are less than a 2 minute walk from the appropriate facilities free.