Services in NigĂŒelas

NigĂŒelas is a small town of about 1000 inhabitants. This makes it a quiet place to rest. But with all the necessary services, either at the resort or in a close environment.


In NigĂŒelas we have 3 supermarkets, two bakeries with homemade products, a fish-shop and a butcher and greengrocer (in the Food Market Hall).

To find larger supermarkets you only have to travel 3 km to the nearest town of Durcal (7000 inhab.) Or only a 15 minute drive to the city of Granada.

Tapas Bars

The drinks in the more than 7 bars of our village will always be accompanied by its free ‘tapa’. Each bar makes its own tapas, always varied and generous.

To have a few drinks in the NigĂŒelas summer we recommend the terraces of the bars. But if you prefer a little more hustle, you can find it any day of the week in Granada or on the coast in Salobreña or Almuñecar bringing together young people , tourists and locals making the best of their holidays.


You can find “La AlquerĂ­a de los Lentos”, the inn of the slow (a nick name for the people of NigĂŒelas) set in an old flour mill completely renovated in 2000 which offers typical local meals, orthe new bar “El Rincon”. Also close by is ‘La Osa Mayor ‘(the Big Dipper) which is also a restaurant and a summer terrace, where concerts are held several days a week, or “La Casa de Lino” for fine dinning at weekends.

However, if you prefer a change of scenery there are other restaurants that we can recommend: “La Buhardilla” (the Attic) in Durcal for fine dining or“Los Naranjos” (the orange grove) in the town of Melegís (10 Km).

Beach or Skiing

If you want to enjoy the beach or skiing during the day and want peace and tranquillity or a cosy bar later NigĂŒelas is the place, so much more than a village! just 40 km from the coast or Sierra Navada.